Speaking and Training Events

Nothing great is ever accomplished without team. A leader’s greatest asset is the team that follows them. Justin is prepared to help your team produce and operate at a higher level. The following areas are key to helping you inspire your team to the next level of performance.


Building Powerful Teams
Learn the 7 Practices required to Build a Powerful Team. Evaluate yourself and your team against the 7 Practices and leave with clear, concrete steps your team can take to improve the ability to succeed. Learn More

The Courageous Leader
In Justin’s passionate style, your audience will learn the 4 Stripes one must earn if he or she wants to become a Courageous Leader. Help your team or audience become the leaders that their community, company and children need.


Workshops and Retreats

Increase employee engagement through group character and leadership training. Our team building events, retreats and workshops cover up to 8 leadership development training program topics.

  • Building Powerful Teams
  • The Power of Legacy
  • The Courageous Leader
  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect
  • Leadership Gold
  • Put Your Dreams to the Test
  • How to be a REAL Success

Mastermind Topics

Our mastermind leadership programs are company-wide, focused and customized for your team or department. Our programs help you develop leaders who are committed to developing more leaders. Also increase productivity through achieving greater clarity on mission and strategies for growth.

  • Assess the Current Health of your Culture
  • Facilitated Strategic Growth Planning
  • Clarify Departmental Goals
  • Employee Performance Management Design and Implementation

“I’ve been attending and hosting professional development days for the past 13 years. Justin brings more passion, consistently connects with our staff better than anyone else and delivers a powerful message every single time we bring him in. His training content is life changing. Justin’s ability to engage, inspire and provide solid usable content for our faculty places him at the top of my list.”
— Brian Keim – Principal, Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Schools

Culture and Synergy Analysis

At the end of the day, culture fundamentally rules over strategy. Culture itself cannot be changed however behaviors can. We will help understand favorable and adapt unfavorable behaviors that drive your culture.

  • Analyze culture and synergy assessments to identify key drivers/values
  • Identify what in the culture works and needs to be maintained
  • Identify what in the culture needs to change and why
  • Develop culture change management plan

Department Goal Alignment

The organization’s strategic growth plan will be evolved to departmental goals, strategies and action plans that will result in project and role clarification.

  • Define departmental goals that align with organizational objectives
  • Clarify operating strategies, action plans and project assignments
  • Assign action plan steps and projects to roles
  • Departmental goals will be entered into BLOOM® or project manager tool

Performance Management Systems

Our proprietary BLOOM® Performance Management System provides a simple online solution for developing people. Our business rules integrate roles with performance reviews and facilitate feedback from managers.

  • Identify wage scales, required training and skills for roles
  • Integrate role requirements with personalized performance reviews
  • Develop individual development goals for employee growth
  • Provide an online portal with multiple levels of security access

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