Siltworm | Managing Partner

My partners and I read Traction and loved it. We thought we could self-implement by just following the simple steps. We took what we liked and threw out what we did not. We adapted certain things to make EOS our own. We then hit a rough patch in the business and quickly realized that self-implementation had a fatal flaw. We couldn't see our true selves in the mirror.

We managed to get our heads above water and called Justin Maust for our free 90 minute meeting. Our thinking was worst case, he could come in and take a look under the hood to give us some tips, all at no cost to us. The three of us were about 80% sure we would not pursue an implementer relationship based on the cost.

Within minutes of Justin walking into the room, he had us pegged. He showed us our true selves in the mirror that we could not see before. Egos, no accountability, leading by consensus, etc.  With three 33% owners (stallions as Justin likes to call us), everyone had an opinion that they thought was right and no one was happy with the direction we chose.

He quickly showed that he understood us and could offer value in helping us close the gap on where we were vs. where we needed to be. I would say the most important things he provided were:

1) An outside view. We weren't seeing things about ourselves and our relationships, and he gave us a wake up call.

2) Pure EOS. There is no other way to implement. It's an all or nothing thing. With Justin in the background, there was no way around it.

3) He truly cares about us as people. He goes out of his way to meet us in between sessions when we run into problems and really focuses on the people and relational part to make everything else work.

4) Issue Resolution. Before we met with Justin, we never solved issues. We talked about them over and over in circles. We politicked and never resolved anything. We aren't perfect today but Justin showed us how to cut through the garbage and solve a problem.

With the clarity and focus Justin has helped establish, we have had our most successful months ever. We are exceeding sales and profit goals, setting and completing our rocks, and working together as a team better than we ever have. Without Justin, I am convinced we would be in a much worse place today.


DJ Construction | CEO

We are one year since you introduced EOS to Jason and I in our first 90-minute meeting. I was interested, but skeptical at first. But now, a year later, I want to tell you that I’m glad that we said “yes” and are now using the tools introduced to us by you and EOS!

Before, we used the words “culture” and “values” and “growth” a lot, but now our leadership team can define what they mean at DJ.

This is a critical point in time at DJ. We are in transition, and I personally am in the latter years of my career. EOS has not only helped us move this company forward as a team, but by doing it when we did, has given me the ability to pass along my values and goals for DJ as we verbalized them on the V/TO.

We now know and can verbalize consistently, our Core Values, Our Core Focus, and Our Marketing Strategy. We have an accountability chart that has guided us to finding the right people and putting them in the right seats, not just for today, but to help us reach our stated goals. We are consistent throughout the company on how to hire, fire, and recognize wins. We not only have goals, but a 3-year plan and a 10-year target. As I look over our V/TO, I see the results of a lot of hard work, but I’m excited, knowing that it was productive work and is already helping us move forward.

We are having very productive L10 meetings at the leadership level with a functioning scorecard. We are struggling a bit in being able to push everything down to the next level, and in envisioning how it will be implemented throughout the entire organization. However, I look forward to the future and watching DJ get stronger and become greater while we figure it out and make it happen.

I have a much greater comfort level as I move toward retirement, knowing that the framework is in place for DJ to be the light in the community that we want it to be; to Honor Christ, Do Great Work, Impact People.



Tree Servants | Owner

The EOS system has been an amazing benefit to our company in so many different ways. It has created extreme clarity for not only the management team but for all the employees throughout the entire organization. It has helped us solve issues in a timely manner. The Level 10 Meeting™ is an amazing part of the EOS system where we are in a time specific meeting resolving issues . The efficiency of operations has improved to a level we did not know was possible. Therefore resulting in increased profit percentages to rates some would say is not possible. It helped us delegate and elevate throughout the entire company.


C&S Machine | Owner

I can’t possibly put into words the value that both Justin and EOS have brought, and continue to bring, to our company. We were not broken before meeting Justin; we were already profitable, organized and high-functioning. But Justin and EOS have given us the tools to really up our game and make intentional, incremental steps toward accomplishing our goals. We are seeing immense value and impact at the Leadership Team level and all the way through the organization.

The value EOS and Justin are bringing to our company is clear and tangible – we are seeing it across our entire organization! Justin helps our teams clarify the vision and leverage the EOS Tools; in doing so, we are accomplishing our goals and raising the bar.