Consulting Events

To accomplish our mission, we have established some core partnerships to bring you the best custom consulting resources the marketplace has to offer: a passionate, highly skilled, experienced team of leaders known as the Insight Growth Team. Tell us your vision of how you want to impact the world. It is our sincere honor to help you build and pass on a Powerful Legacy.

Starting Your Legacy

If you are in the first 7 years of your business ownership journey, then you are beginning the process of building your legacy. This requires clear definition of your direction and clarity of communication to your team. Our facilitated programs are design to integrate strategic direction with culture development in these early stages.

  • Market Research and Awareness
  • Team-based Strategic Growth Planning
  • Culture Engagement Plans
  • Sales & Marketing Support

Growing Your Legacy

You are over the hump with proven products and services. You have significant growth opportunities that you are not sure how to conquer. It is time to establish strategy and accountability systems to achieve the possibilities and our experienced Insight Team can help.

  • Team-based Strategic Growth Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Change Management Plan
  • Measures and Metrics Development
  • Talent and Performance Management Systems
  • Core Process Mapping

Transitioning and Sustaining Your Legacy

As an established organization, you may be experiencing the need to change and evolve the team and organization to the next level. Whether you have experienced stagnant or declining growth, no challenge is too daunting for us to assist.

  • Innovation Product Pipeline Development
  • Culture Engagement Plan
  • Leadership Succession Plan
  • Talent Integration Plan

“Simply put, Justin is the best I’ve seen. I’ve experienced him facilitating ropes courses, guiding strategic planning sessions, and motivating hesitant teams from just about every demographic. His energy, his personal investment in the process, his ability to read the group and adapt on his feet — he’s the whole package. Justin is one in a million!”
— Adam Kronk – Program Director, Notre Dame Deloitte Center for Ethical Leadership

Business Model Design

Every organization’s DNA can be visually represented in a unique business model diagram. The purpose is to distill a memorable picture of why the organization exists and how it delivers its promise to shareholders, employees and customers.

  • Integrate vision, mission, values and competencies into a promise
  • Review visual graphics of business model concepts and make selection
  • Complete model descriptors to represent the purpose and process
  • Present model to stakeholders for feedback and refinement

3-year Strategic Growth Plan

Every organization has a 3-year plan living within. By unearthing the details, change can be better managed to stabilize and optimize growth potential. Completely leaving growth to chance in today’s volatile times is highly risky.

  • Integrate vision, mission, values, competencies into a business model
  • Identify 4 strategic initiatives that will drive growth over next 3 years
  • Prioritize industry trends, technologies and competitor advances to watch
  • Clarify the objectives, strategies and measures that will achieve initiatives

New Product Launch Plans

After achieving successful business analysis and market testing, product and service concepts are ready for market launch. Develop targeted market plans that meet specific needs to reduce risk of poor investment/failure.

  • Complete market launch plan including product, pricing, distribution and promotion details
  • Align with specific customer relationships to launch products/services
  • Monitor results and swiftly adapt market responsiveness based on facts

Want to Build Your Legacy?