Business Coaching Events

Justin agrees with John Maxwell, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Executives that are serious about growing and expanding their companies are serious about developing their leaders.  Justin is committed to helping develop leaders by offering the following services:



The Power of Legacy
You will learn 5 pillars required to live and leave a Powerful Legacy. More importantly, learn how to apply them to your life, company and community.

Your Dream Matters!
Learn the 4 Benefits of Pursuing Your Dream and the 4 Steps to Living Your Dream. We all benefit from a world full of people pursuing their dreams. Now is the time to peel the crust off your old dreams or find new ones.

Mastermind Topics

Mastermind sessions are a way for like-minded individuals to gather and dialog about their mission as a leader.  Engage in 12 to 24-session group mastermind sessions that can include the following focus areas:

  • Group Life Coaching
  • Legacy Life Planning Package
  • 5 John Maxwell Leadership Practices Programs

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a strategic, targeted way to accomplish meaningful growth. The following programs are designed to assist leaders with moving forward in their work and life.

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Justin Maust's Power Routine
  • One on One Coaching

“Justin’s contagious passion and vision has changed the way I view our business. Our team’s ability to have a positive impact in the community is a direct result of our relationship with Justin. My life, our company and our community is better because of it!”
— Jason Walther – CEO, Walther Farms

Passion to Purpose Analysis

The Insight Passion Workbook includes assessments and activities designed to focus leaders and executives on their strengths and role aspirations. These powerful tools predict tension and conflict that may delay decision-making.

  • Complete 5 industry-standard assessments and interpretation session
  • Leaders will review assessments and complete activities
  • Leaders will develop presentations to peers about strengths and vision
  • A 12-month individual development plan will clarify goals for building strengths and talents
  • Information can be utilized as an input to vision clarification and strategic growth planning

Vision Clarification

If your vision is often discussed but not aligned to the activities of the business, our partner Insight can help. Our collaborative visioning work goes beyond the mantra as we will clarify the message and initiatives required from the top down.

  • Clarify why the organization exists and how purpose and process align
  • Identify the values and behaviors required to achieve the vision
  • Define the initiatives over the next 2-3 years that will drive the vision
  • Identify the perceived barriers to growth that exist in the current culture

Organization Engagement Plan

At this point, your leadership talents are shared, your vision is clear and your change requirements are outlined. It is time to start engaging the organization in strategic development and performance improvement.

  • Clarify the message about vision, change and the future resources needed
  • Add more detail and measure to the strategic initiatives
  • Design a goal calendar that details the changes needed for the future
  • Develop a pitch presentation to begin communicating the passion and plan

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